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Polish Yacht Promotion in Croatia

Polish Yachts Promotion in Croatia

The most recommended tourist places in Rijeka, Croatia

Many people have a plan to enjoy holidays by sightseeing in the most famous cities. If you have planned to celebrate your holidays with your friends or family members, then you can prefer tourism in Rijeka. Many yacht chartering companies nowadays provide eye-catching packages of services at the cheapest possible prices. We have invested in the best yet inexpensive yacht chartering service in Croatia. We arrived in Rijeka and begun our step to explore a few centuries old historic elements in this city.

Bareboat in Croatia

About Rijeka    

Rijeka is one of the top five largest cities of Croatia in our time. This principal seaport is known worldwide. Italy and Hungary were contested fiercely for this principal port with the most excellent deep-water. Today, croats are present in this city majorly. As the most important city of the Primorje Gorski Kotar County, Rijeka enhances its recognition automatically. The shipbuilding is the backbone of the economy of this town.

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Sea in Split

Sea and mountains in this city increase budding tourists’ interests to visit here. Visitors to the mountains of the Gorski Kotar and Ucka Nature Park get unforgettable experiences. They are happy to extend their time in the Kvarner Bay and buy the most special gifts to their beloved one. They can visit ports, galleries, theatres and museums in Rijeka as their tourism plan and overall interests.

Sighseeing in Croatia

Top rated tourist places    

We realized our dream to visit the Church of Our Lady in Rijeka. We arrived in Trsat Castle and the Church of Our Lady through the lovely pilgrimage path. Our Lady of Trsat is known for the most outstanding icon of Mary.

Saint Vitus Cathedral is rich in the most distinctive elements such as round floor plan. The main attraction here is its 13th century crucifix. Once we have visited here, we went to the historical museum in the Governor’s Palace.  Alajos Hauszmann was designed this neo-Renaissance building and built in the late 1800. Nautical equipment and the model ships display in this museum surprised us.

We were blessed to visit Capuchin church of Our Lady of Lourdes.  We have seen this church in Promotional materials and postcards only before we visited here. The foremost attraction of this church is neo-Gothic structure with an ideal ornate facade.

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Enjoy outdoor activities    

As we are outdoor enthusiasts, we like to spend our time and money outdoors enjoyably. We visited Risnjak National Park and enjoyed the Leska Trial. Average hikers like us can hike here without difficulty.  Some challenging and safe trails in this park encourage teenagers and adventurous conscious adults to try them. This national park has more than 50 genres of birds and large animals like deer and bears.

We took steps in The Peter Druzic Stairway. This stairway is one of the parts of the pilgrimage path to the church of Our Lady. The most pleasant lanes and alleys encouraged our interests to visit here again.  There are 538 steps in this stairway.  Small chapels along this way given us the maximum support to take rest and be aware of various saints.